Friday, March 18, 2011

Synovate: Looking for MORE Product Testers & Survey Takers ~ I just cashed out my rewards for $20


I just cashed in my points for $20 and it reminded me to tell you about Synovate. They have been looking for product testers off and on all month long. They are one of the most popular survey and product testing sites, and enrollment is very sporadic. You can earn up to 2500 points per survey. You can cash out and receive a check once you reach 5,000 points. (this is really simple to do) - For every 5,000 points you earn $5. I had 20,580 points and I cashed out $20 today. Synovate also asks members to be product testers for them. I've personally been able to test full size body washes and colognes. Like I mentioned before, this is a Very popular program. They wont overwhelm you with surveys either. GO HERE to get your name on their list if you haven't done so already. I work with Marie Brighton and she is great. I hope you get to work with her too.


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