Friday, March 18, 2011

How To Tutorial: Requesting Freebies and Coupons

Welcome to Nifty Thrifty Savings!!! I hope you have had a chance to look around a get yourself familiar with my blog. I post a lot of free samples, coupons and deals. The number one question I receive is "HOW DO I GET A FREE SAMPLE?" I am going to outline just how to do this.

  1. I surf the web and report Free samples that are available from manufacturers. I DO NOT mail the samples. There will always be a link in my blog post that directs you to the manufacturers site or order form. The link is usually a different color from the rest of the posting. For example, I try to use BLUE to outline such links. Most of the time the words GO HERE or HERE will be highlighted, although sometimes a phrase or Manufacturer name will be the link highlighted.  Just click the link and you'll be on your way to getting a freebie.
  2. Keep in mind that not all samples will arrive. It's been my experience that only about 75% of them make it to my mailbox. Requested samples have different delivery times. The time a freebie to arrive can vary. Sometimes you will see something in about a week or as long as 12 weeks. I've seen it take longer and by that time, I've usually forgotten about it and its a nice surprise. 
  3. Some free samples will arrive in the form of a manufacturer's coupon. Meaning, you will have to redeem it at a store to get your freebie.
  4. I post internet coupons a lot and always do my best to include a deal from a major store chain to help you get a great deal. I like to refer to, Red Plum and Smart Source for great manufacturer coupons. From time to time, there will be great coupons available on facebook from the manufacturer.  I will also include a link just like with freebies on how you can get this coupon. When using, red plum or smart source, you may have to enter a specific zip code to get a certain coupon. I post the necessary zip codes when this happens. 
  5. There may be times when a coupon print has reached its limit. Unfortunately I will not know this until a reader tells me. The same holds true for freebies. Please don't kill the messenger if this is the case. :)
  6. Please create an alternate email address for Samples, Coupons and Surveys. This will avoid having your main email address filled with unwanted emails and/or Spam.  Although, manufacturers give us free stuff, they also want to advertise to us which can be a bit overwhelming.
  7. And Finally, Yes! Its true, I MAKE MISTAKES TOO!!!! ~ Be nice. :)
I hope this helps you begin your journey to saving money, earning fun freebies and more. If you have questions, leave me a comment on facebook or my blog. I LOVE hearing from my readers. It makes my day.


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